Why Cycling Can Make You a Better Runner

Why Cycling Can Make You a Better Runner

March 9, 2016 Off By Tyson Palazzi

Riding a bike isn’t always the first thing non-cyclists think about doing but it really should be. More often than not the first exposure most athletes and sportsmen and women have to extended periods on a bike is when they are recovering from an injury. But many people, after having seen and felt the benefits of it, include it in their regular exercise routine. So why is cycling so beneficial for running? In what ways is it such a positive thing to do?


non-impactOne of the reasons why cycling is recommended to people after having suffered many injuries is because it is a form of exercise which doesn’t cause impact. Due to this your knees, ankles and hips will incur less wear and tear whilst still allowing you to reap the benefits. You can therefore work on your stamina and endurance without running the risk of incurring an injury through the pounding of your joints which occurs when running. It is often said that a marathon runner loses a centimetre in height after a race and this is due to the impact caused when running for a long period of time. Cycling will avoid such issues and as long as you don’t crash you will avoid the potential damage which running can cause on your body.


Muscle Development

Muscle-DevelopmentOne major mistake a lot of sports people and athletes make is over specialising. By this what I mean is that people will train so much in an area linked to their sport that they neglect doing other exercises and so end up dismissing other activities. In doing this a person’s muscle development becomes less complementary. The muscles which are not primarily in use for any routine will still need building up and should be worked on as well as the one’s you are focusing on. They will help with overall strength and endurance and through cycling you can help to work on these different areas.


Burn Less Calories

burn-caloriesDepending on the type of running you do in your sport of choice you might not wish to burn off as many calories. Running makes you lose more than cycling and so if you want to keep your body mass bigger but still want to work out similar muscles as you would whilst going for a sprint then cycling is a wise choice.





enjoyableOne thing which cycling excels at is being a form of exercising which is enjoyable to do. There will often be many occasions when the idea of having to get up and go for a run can be quite unappealing. Given the choice between the two many people would sooner go for a ride than a run. This means that you can keep up with a vigorous training regime even at those times when you really don’t want to. Often half of the battle with exercising is mental so anyway in which you can keep your enthusiasm levels and commitment up is a major bonus.