Here’s Why You Shouldn’t “DIY” When Digging Foundations

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t “DIY” When Digging Foundations

August 23, 2019 Off By Tyson Palazzi

If you are planning a construction project, whether it be an extension to your home, or an entirely new build, you’re going to need to dig some foundations before making a start on it. Now, unless you have the experience, equipment and expertise, then this is something that you shouldn’t try to DIY. In fact, if you can factor it into your budget, then it is certainly worth hiring an excavations company. Here’s why:

Poorly excavated foundations fail

If you want it done right, don’t do it yourself! A foundation should last for decades, if not, even longer! It really depends on who digs them out in the first place. If done without the correct knowledge and experience, a foundation can fail. In this post we’re going to look at certain factors which lead to a foundation failing…

1 – The surrounding area holds too much water

If the backfill that surrounds your foundation holds too much water, it can fail. Nonorganic matter such as clay can store lots of water, which is then absorbed the concrete foundation. When this occurs, cracks and leaks appear, eventually leading to its collapse.

2 – The foundation is now given time to cure properly

The concrete foundation should be allowed to cure appropriately before construction begins. This is why it is so important not to rush through the process and to get straight to building. A reputable company like Webers Excavations will allow plenty of time for the concrete to set and cure properly in order to ensure that it is durable enough to withstand the test of time.

3 – The foundation base isn’t compacted properly

When pouring the foundation of the concrete, the base should be covered in stone so that the concrete doesn’t seep into the earth causing the concrete to shift and crack. This, however, should be compacted properly so that the concrete is certain not to seep through. Again, this requires experience to get right.

4 – The concrete foundation wasn’t poured in one go

When pouring the foundation, it isn’t something that can be done over several days, it needs to be done in one sitting. If done in stages, the concrete dries and cures at different times, creating a clear divide between the layers. This can allow moisture to seep into the gaps, forcing it to shift and crack over time. An educated and experienced hand will ensure that this is done thoroughly and appropriately from the very beginning.

Hire the professionals

Simply put, if you’re not experienced or confident in your knowledge and ability to get the job done right the first time, then you need to hire the professionals to take care of the foundations for you. Digging out and excavating is difficult enough as it is, without the foundation pouring on top going wrong. So, make sure that you hire the appropriate contractors to assist you.