How To Maximise Profit From Sport Event Promotional Tools

How To Maximise Profit From Sport Event Promotional Tools

February 1, 2016 Off By Tyson Palazzi

Make a statement with Printed Marquees at your sports event.

event-canopy-tent-full-colorIf you are really looking to stand out at your next sports event then you should most definitely consider investing in a printed marquee for your exhibition. With a printed marquee you will be able to show off your brand logo and really stand out from the crowd. There are a number of different ways you can optimise your marquee depending on the message you are trying to send. Sometimes a simple logo is all you will need, though if you are trying to promote something in particular then you can mix it up and try to be a little more creative, perhaps even featuring expert photography while you’re at it.

Most people these days will be setting up shop under a marquee or cover of some sort which is why it is always important to try to stand out from the others. If you go for the bog-standard plane white marquee you will most certainly go unnoticed and people will stroll on by. You want your brand to really jump out at the crowd in order to lure the type of attention that you are looking for. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make a difference at your next sports event! Grab yourself a printed marquee and even if nobody turns up at least it will keep you nice and dry.


The importance of a well optimised Event Display

It’s all very well having some of the finest salesmen in the world at your stand but if you can’t attract the people over to your tent to begin with then you won’t have anybody to charm with the gab. The most important thing about a promotional sports event is standing out and looking good.

A wise move is to do your homework and look at what other businesses and competition have done in the past. For many they will tend to stick to what they know, however you need to mix it up and try something a little different this time. You’ve already got the printed marquee, now it’s time to optimise your event display a little differently too. What are you trying to achieve? Which techniques are going to best get the message across and attract the attention of potential clients and customers. Think about what is attractive to you and what exactly you would be looking for.

I’d highly recommend a display stand with an interactive station, allowing people to engage with your products and services. You need your stand to be exciting and stimulating, rather than having a boring stand with a few logos and a couple of miserable and bored looking salesman. Bright colours and big smiles! Those are your two biggest allies in the field.

Why not try adding some feather banners to your event display? These really do create an air of importance and tend to attract more of a crowd with your brand logo flapping away in the breeze. It’s always very important to think outside the box.