Setting Up Your Own 3D Printing Business

Setting Up Your Own 3D Printing Business

January 26, 2018 Off By Tyson Palazzi

If you are thinking of setting out on a new business enterprise then 3D printing is a very smart choice. The industry has exploded in recent years and what was once seen as a bit of a niche market has expanded enormously. Many manufacturers are making more and more use of 3D printed products or printing out specific sections to save on weight or costs. Many people believe that 3D printing is going to revolutionise business and so why not get on board with it whilst it is still in its relative infancy? So if you are considering starting your own 3D printing business or looking to utilise it within a pre-existing company what are some of the considerations you need to take into account?

Prototype Production

3d model

One of the most common uses of 3D printing is creating prototype products and parts for other companies. It is much cheaper to manufacture individual items or produce small quantities with minor variations between them through printing and so your business can supply these for the companies which are in need of them.

E-Commerce Production

An alternative approach you could take with your business is manufacturing items for an e-commerce business. They will be seeking various locations across the globe to create their products to save on the costs of shipping. If they were only sourcing and creating their products locally then they will have increased costs on delivery and this could hamper their business return. As well as this by being able to print on demand, you will be able to supply the precise quantities required and help them maintain the right stock levels.

Repairing Services

Given the simplicity and reduced costs of creating items and specific sections of items from printing, you could actually create a business solely set up to provide repairs and maintenance. You will be able to supply people with individual replacements or rapidly turn around repaired products.

Design 3D Models

Rather than the main service of your business is the actual production of items you could instead go down the route of designing models and selling the files. You could completely ignore the actual printing side of things or do it alongside. You will not need that much in the way of equipment and you can potentially do this completely solo. You could focus on creating new designs and enticing interested customers or you could develop designs which fit specific briefs such as prototypes for a company.

Online Shop

You could run your very own shop by just purchasing a few items. Obviously, you might want to upscale but that’s entirely up to you. So long as you have one or more 3D printers and the relevant printing materials then your good to go and can start producing your own items to sell. You could combine this with designing your own models or just produce pre-existing ones which can easily be sourced online. Choose which area to specialise in and start developing your own customer base and if things are successful you could consider expanding your services.