The Numerous Health Benefits of Massage

The Numerous Health Benefits of Massage

March 7, 2018 Off By Tyson Palazzi

Getting a massage is far better for you than just as a means of relaxation. Whilst this is clearly one great benefit, the other factors which it helps with should also be pointed out. A lot of research has been conducted on the effects that massage has on the human body and there is greater credence around this rather than it being mere conjecture. So what are some of these additional benefits?

Soothe Pains

Massages are one of the single best ways to relieve pain symptoms. Whether it’s general aches and pains or severe and persistent problems, having your muscles massaged will ease them. It is very common for people to experience back pains. Very few of us sit properly and a lot of people also spend large portions of the day sitting down. This is not good for our posture and spine and as such back pain is becoming more prevalent. Even just a quick massage can help reduce these problems.

Improved Sleep

Receiving a massage is a great way of relaxing and so it can also help you to have a good night’s sleep. Obviously having a massage can make you feel sleepy at the time and you can fall asleep mid-session but also having regular massage therapy can relieve tensions in the body and help increase delta waves which will promote better sleep.

Headache Relief

As well as providing relief from muscle pains massaging can help you if you regularly experience headaches. A lot of headaches are caused by stress and over-exertion and in severe cases, people can experience migraines. Having a massage is a good way to reduce these and with this, your mood and general outlook can improve.

Improved Circulation

Massages will help to promote blood flow and thus help with your circulation. Poor circulation can lead to a whole host of problems and as such anything which can help with this is highly beneficial. Particularly for people who spent long periods of their day sitting down having a regular massage can help to counter the effects that being sedentary will have on your circulation.

Mental Sharpness

It is thought that receiving massages will actually make you stay sharp and potentially make you more aware. Problem-solving can become easier and feel more relaxed and at ease is a sure fire way to boost your mental productivity.

Mental Health


As well as calming and relaxing you a massage can help your mood, relieve stress and therefore relieve depression or anxiety. By reducing your stress the body physically reacts and lowers the stress hormone cortisol. As well as this it boosts serotonin which is an important chemical which governs your mood and happiness. This, in turn, affects the mind and boosts your mental health.

There are yet further reasons why massages are so beneficial to the body and mind. Your Local Spa will help you to unwind and potentially receive many of the benefits listed above. Many of these links into one another so if you haven’t started receiving massages then you really should consider it for the numerous physical and mental benefits.