Tips For Decorating Your Home Garden

Tips For Decorating Your Home Garden

December 1, 2017 Off By Tyson Palazzi

Garden or yard can be the best place to relax in your house. After decorating your interior, do not forget to decorate your garden. Even you renting a room, having quality clay pavers in front of your house or having a backyard, you can do gardening. Here are tips for homeowners to add greenery to your area.


Every work starts with planning. Look the whole picture of your garden. What can be done to your garden? What you are going to do?

Gardening can be done in any spaces even in a small balcony. Plan the area that you want to decorate by imagining it as a blank space. Different area and size need different plants and decorations. What you are going to put on the land? Which types of plants you are going to use? Then draw a draft.

You can find an inspiration from a gardening magazine and the Internet. There are many ideas out there for both small and big garden.

Decorating Limited Space

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For people who have a limited space for gardening, do not worry, you still can add a refreshing corner to your house. Limited space like deck and balcony can have an area for relaxation where you can sit and enjoy a morning coffee.

Add pots of flowers and plants on your tiny table to bring brightness. You can choose to have colourful flowers or small greenery plant. Do not forget to choose anything suites for your area. If your balcony gets direct sunlight, you may need flowers that love the sun.

For those who really have no space, you still can have a window garden. Enjoy the smell of soil by hanging a planter next to your window and filled it with beautiful flowers.

Decorating Larger Area

The better thing about a house with a larger area is you can play around with it. Gardening is fun to do. It is the best activity to do with your family. Even it requires more effort to maintain the area.

1. Plant & Flower

You already have a draft about what your garden will be like and what you are going to put. Next, make a decision. Go to a garden shop and consult with a professional. You can choose to have plants or flowers in your desire area but consider the level of sunlight. Is the area always getting the sun? Choose the types according to the climate.

There are many types of plants and flowers. Some plant can grow only for a year (annual plant) some can grow for many years (perennial plant). If you choose to have an annual plant in your garden, keep in mind that it will need to be replaced every year. Perennial plant needs regular care like pruning and shaping.

You can mix and match plant and flowers to create a layer of height. The best way is to ask for recommendation from staff at garden shop. 

2. Pot Choosing

Besides having colourful flowers, you can add more fun by adding creative pots. Some people have a DIY pot by painting and decorating it, some use vintage can or bucket, some use an old tire and some use hanging pots to decorate the wall. An important thing about planting with pot is size. Know that how big your plant will grow and have a proper size of the pot. Always change it when it grows bigger.

3. Trees

If you want to plant a tree, concern about your space. Some trees grow high up and have wide branches, which can damage your house or be an obstacle. Choose the proper size of a tree. Choose if you want an evergreen tree or deciduous.

Adding a tree to your house can enhance the design of your garden. It creates cool air and helps in refreshing air.

4. Pavement

A backyard can be muddy in the rainy season. To keep your yard clean and tidy, add pavers for your walkway and cleaning corner. You can add garden lighting along the way to create beautiful scenery in evening.