Why You Should Give Kendo a Try

Why You Should Give Kendo a Try

February 11, 2018 Off By Tyson Palazzi

Martial arts are a very effective way to keep yourself fit as they work on almost all areas of the body whilst also teaching mental focus and discipline at the same time. It seems however that outside of Japan and Korea the same few types of martial arts dominate. It is quite common to find people who do karate or taekwondo and similar fighting styles but there has never seemed to have been a mass appeal for kendo. Personally, I can’t understand why. Perhaps it is because it has had less attention given to it in movies or just that it is culturally very different to what most of us westerners consider when they think about martial arts. Whatever the reason you should certainly not discount it and here are a few of the reasons why I believe you should give it a try.


You Can Learn It Forever

Kendo is far much more complicated than simply being able to hit somebody with a stick. It is a highly revered sport in Japan and part of the reason for this is due to the depth of skills to learn within it. You will never master kendo and there are always a host of new things to learn. Something which provides this ongoing path of learning will hold your attention and keep you committed to it.

Fantastic Community

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Given that it is not as widespread as other martial arts this has made the communities that do it even more close-knit and friendly. When you find any activity in life which sparks your interest but is not as popular as others, people often like to help to introduce their passion to others more. Finding someone else who has the same interest as you are more pertinent when there are fewer people likely to do it. You will find, almost without fail, that people will be very helpful and patient as they will be pleased to be introducing others into their world and so it can be a great way to start new friendships as well as keeping fit.

Release Your Inner Child

I’m sure that most of us, particularly if you are reading this, used to enjoy sword fights as a kid. You can do the same but as an adult through kendo. Obviously, it is a lot more complicated than what you and your sibling used to do in the garden until your parents ran outside and told you off but the premise remains. It is a very enjoyable activity and something which we can all relate to once you have looked beyond the very distinct armour and headgear.


Talking of armour, I believe one thing which separates kendo from other martial arts when it comes to popularity is that people assume it will cost a lot of money to do. However, this is really not true. Finding inexpensive kendo equipment for sale is much easier than it used to be given the number of online stores available and you can even choose to buy second-hand gear if you want to save even more. I think the fact that the armour looks quite ornate and that most other martial arts don’t make use of it that gives the impression that it will be more expensive to get into but that really isn’t the case anymore.